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Registration and Carding Updates
Posted Jun 9, 2018

Ohio South has implemented a system to complete carding online.  Once a participant has been age verified players will not need to go through that process again.  Players must complete this registration online to be carded and eligibale to play.  This includes uploading the player picture and birth certificate.  All forms and waivers require an e-signature.  Physical paperwork will not be for provided for Ohio South Carding.  If you need assistance please contact Monica Johnson @


CCFC Registration
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Registration and Carding
    Posted Jun 9, 2018

    1. LOGON (Previous members should log in with existing member information.)


    After clicking the Register Now button at the bottom, you'll be asked to create a member account with Ohio South Youth Soccer Association if you don't already have one. Click the Create a new Stack Sports Account tab when asked to log in to the registration system.

    After creating a new member account, fill out the parent/guardian form with your family information.

    Choose the approperiate age group for the team your player has been accepted to, then fill out the player information. Be prepaired to upload a birth certificate or passport and a player picture. Please use a clear color headshot of your child. This is the photo that will show up on their player card. This step can be skipped; picture and proof of birth can be added later. 

    Note:  Your player cannot be carded to a team untill all documents are received.  

    After completing parent and player information, you will be directed to a fees screen which will show a zero balance (all fees are processed via the CCFC website).  You must continute through the process, even though no fees are present to complete the registration. 

    Note: If you don't finish this step your player carding registration will not be saved.  The process will start over!


      If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.